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Egress Interface Selection on the Cisco ASA

One of the frustrating things about the Cisco ASA is that it does not support policy based routing, or pbr.  With pbr, an administrator can get very granular with routing IP traffic.  For example, an access-list can match traffic and … Continue reading

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Classful Routing With–no ip classless

A little while back I wrote an article that talked about the “ip subnet-zero” command.  In many ways, the “ip classless” command is similar.  The similarity is in history, not in function.  The “ip classless” command was first introduced in … Continue reading

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The “ip subnet-zero” Command

For those who haven’t worked with IOS versions prior to 12.0, the ip subnet-zero command might be quite mysterious.  It is actually straightforward and easy to grasp.  First though, a little background must be discussed.  Most importantly to understanding this command … Continue reading

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The ASA’s ARP Behavior

I think anyone who has dealt with the ASA has to admit that it sometimes doesn’t behave as they’d expect.  One of the more memorable times for me was when I used the alias command to do dns translation.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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