Deep or Wide for 2012?

With the new year here, many make new years resolutions regarding health, family, religion or their career.  Technology is a particularly interesting area of study and career for many reasons.  One challenge is trying to determine whether to be a niche subject matter expert (SME) or an individual that seems to know something about everything in the field.  I have personally struggled with the challenge of going deep into a single area of technology or to continue down the broad path that seems to be conducive with the type of work I do.

For me in 2012, I think I’ll continue to remain somewhat broad in my areas of focus.  I enjoy learning and find that knowing a little about a lot of different areas actually keeps me useful and flexible.  Although the pace can be tiring, there is never room for boredom.  Even within that undefined scope, there is room to dig deep in areas of interest.  I guess if the “jack of all trade” thing ever gets to be too much, I’ll pick a couple of areas of interest and focus my attention there.  What are your career resolutions for 2012?

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1 Response to Deep or Wide for 2012?

  1. Shoaib Merchant says:

    Exactly! The wide approach is the way to go in today’s world because technology has evolved and there is more than just routers, switches, firewalls and Cisco! 2012 for me is going to be Load Balancers, Checkpoint and a little bit of Juniper. 🙂

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