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Defining the Need for NAT Exemption

It recently occurred to me that we have often discussed various configurations of NAT exemption. However, we have never really discussed the typical need or use case for requiring this type of configuration. This article is meant as a general … Continue reading

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Countdown to Cisco Live 2012!

If I I’m doing my math right, it’s less than three weeks to Cisco Live 2012! That means that attendees should be finalizing their schedules and deciding what sessions they absolutely have to see. After just a quick glance, I’d … Continue reading

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GNS3 with Tabbed Terminal in Mac OSX Lion

I have used GNS3 off and on for a long time. Over time, I struggled with the stability of the product. Prior to switching to the Mac, a fellow Ascolta Instructor–Patrick Geschwindner, clued me in on something. He had experimented … Continue reading

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Multiple Protocols over IPSec

Last week we examined a Cisco VPN construct called SVTI. This is basically using a “tunnel interface” in conjunction with an IPSec Protection profile. One of the limitations I mentioned was that, in comparison to GRE based tunnel interfaces, VTI … Continue reading

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Avantages of Using SVTI Based VPNs

Starting in version 12.3T (which is some time ago), Cisco started offering an alternative for configuring IOS based VPN’s. This method is called SVTI, or static virtual tunnel interfaces. SVTI is one category of VTI that is basically a configuration … Continue reading

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