Cisco Live 2012–CCIE Party Venue Confirmed!

Well I have speculated for months that Cisco Live CCIE Party would be at the USS Midway. Yesterday I received my invite and can officially confirm the party is at the USS Midway Museum. This looks like a really cool venue. This is an actual aircraft carrier and has the planes to prove it. As a matter of fact, I think my Grandpa marched on this ships decks in the 1950’s during his service to our country. In addition to being a carrier equipped with refurbished planes, there are three flight simulators. Imagine being in a fighter, taking off from a carrier and going into combat.

I’ve never had time to visit the museum while in San Diego. I plan to make time this trip even before the CCIE Party. My last trip in this area landed me at the museum slightly after its hours of operation. In any case, here are some pictures I took.


Even more impressive may be the Google Satellite View

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Can you tell that I’m excited about Cisco Live US?

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  1. Nice photo of US museum….. keep posting

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