Failure to Communicate

A few weeks ago, I was evaluating a network management product. Going through the typical download routine, I had to provide all the information so company X could market to me. As a result, I immediately started receiving phone calls offering assistance and price reductions. I also received several emails appearing to be from the same individual.

During the same time frame, I noticed 4 inconsistencies with another network utility that is owned by the same vendor. I have emailed this individual on two occasions and have never received a response. I guess my frustration is that I’d expect the communication to be symmetric and open.

I just don’t understand how companies can utilize the resources they do to build a relationship with potential customers, then fail to take very simple steps to connect with the client. Maybe there are circumstances that I am unaware of in this particular case or maybe this is just a bad sales rep. I guess I just need to pick up the phone and call. A lot of what we do in technology is communications. The definition of communications is not always shoving bits through a wire.

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