Brocade on SDN, Openflow

A couple of weeks ago at Network Field Day 4, I had the opportunity to visit the offices of Brocade and see various presentations and demonstrations. What really hit me was that the trend toward FC alternatives really places this organization in a precarious position. What Brocade talked to us about was Ethernet, Ethernet Fabrics, Openflow, SDN and the direction of the industry. Sure, their products were mentioned from time to time and were demonstrated, but we certainly weren’t pounded with their solutions.

My take away from this session was that Brocade truly does have an Ethernet play. They have one shot to transition their FC customers to Brocade Ethernet customers and they are ready to go.

One very interesting part of the session was a conversation about Openflow and SDN. I think this discussion clearly illustrates the fact that Brocade has foresight into the datacenter of the future. While the methods in these areas are ever-changing, it seems that Brocade is well plugged into the discussions with key partners and standardization bodies.

If you are curious about Openflow, SDN or Brocade’s use of these tools around automation, I’d encourage you to watch the two video segments below.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Disclaimer: Brocade is one of the sponsors for Networking Field Day 4. As a result, their sponsorship covered a portion of the cost of my travel and expenses associated with my attendance to this event. This article itself was written without any restrictions or requirement to do so. My opinions on this product are my own and are accurately reflected.

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