Frame Buffer — December 2012

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Upcoming Articles

  • Upstream and Downstream: Describing Traffic Flow and Devices
  • Routing on a Stick and PVLAN Trunks
  • PVLAN Trunk Port Comparison
  • Book Review: Juniper MX Series — A Comprehensive Guide to Trio Technologies on the MX
  • More reviews from NFD4 (as time permits)


Juniper MX Series – A Comprehensive Guide to Trio Technologies on the MX

I have a copy of Doug Hanks new book on the Juniper MX. At this point, I have thumbed through the book and I’m quite excited and anxious to find the time to read it thoroughly. Being a Juniper n00b, I’m very excited to start to understand a little about their products.


I hope to take and pass the CCNP “SWITCH” exam. Having audited this course a few weeks ago, this would give me the ability to teach the official course 642-813.

Cisco–IP6FD (IPv6 Fundamentals, Design and Deployment)

Although it is probably wishful thinking, it would be really nice to workout the time to take Cisco’s IPv6 class this year. IPv6 will happen, it is just interesting how little thought most people have put into it thus far.


With the Christmas holidays and the hustle it brings, I expect December to be a busy month. Christmas is at least a 3 day event in the Stewart household. Additionally, I will be preparing for and participating in “Jesus, the One & Only“, a Church Christmas play that will be showing on December 14th and 15th at 7PM.


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