Plans for the New Year

I wanted to take just a few minutes to list the expectations I have of myself and our industry for 2013. I guess this article is sort of a resolve and a prediction all in one. Honestly, I probably won’t push myself quite as hard in the areas related to technology and try to enjoy a little more time with my family this year. With that being said, I do have technical goals that I intend to meet. Additionally, I honestly don’t have the ability to push too far away from the gadgets that I love.


While I’m not entirely convinced this is the year of IPv6, I certainly believe it will continue in popularity. Having taken the IP6FD class a few weeks ago, I’d like to start getting my hands dirtier with this new protocol. Throughout this year, I plan to take every opportunity to deepen my knowledge with this protocol that is radically different that the version we all know and love.


While I was once a CCNP, I failed to maintain that certification and let it lapse. Even though I possess my CCIE Security, there is something in me that wants to get my CCNP certification again. Currently I have successfully passed all exams except TSHOOT. My plan is to review the ROUTE and SWITCH material and attempt TSHOOT. From what I’ve been told, this exam very closely emulates real world troubleshooting. Hopefully, my experience will help with that.

CCIE R&S Written

When I renewed my CCIE Security about a year ago, I did so by taking the R&S written. My thought process was that I might eventually take the Routing and Switching lab. I probably won’t have the necessary time to invest before I will need to renew again. Since I’m still interested in the possibility of becoming a double CCIE, I plan to take the CCIE R&S written exam again. This will most likely be in late 2013.

Time Management

In the new year, I will continue working on my time management skills. In our world, there is always so much going on. Jumping between projects, tasks and “fires” is so time consuming. I hope to minimize this to the extent possible. When required, I hope to more effectively make those transitions.

Health and Fitness

I know this is on almost everyone’s resolution list. My goal is not as lofty as it has been in the past. I plan to exercise more regularly and lose a little bit of weight. Overall, I’d like to lose about 20 pounds in 2013.


In 2013, I plan to post at least one article a week to PacketU. The pageviews increased by more than %200 . I hope to double this metric again by no later than the third quarter of 2013. I will continue to listen to my audience for ideas and direction. I also plan to continue participating in the Cisco Learning Network as well as the Packet Pushers Forum. I really enjoy helping and connecting with others through these sites.


Regarding predictions for the new year, I think IPv6 will be a growth area. The current version of the IP protocol is basically ran its course. For continued growth in key areas,  for example mobile data and point to point applications, IPv6 is very important. While I don’t expect the “killer IPv6 app” in 2013, I do believe the new protocol will become more and more relevant.

An additional prediction I have is in regards to software defined networking. I think SDN is going to explode later in the new year. Virtualization has created new and interesting challenges in the datacenter. We now have a pretty solid standard with Openflow and quite a bit of proof of concept implementations. Virtualization is simply forcing networking vendors and engineers to do things differently. This change is necessary and good.

And You?

What are your plans for 2013? Do you have any technology predictions that you’d like to make? If so, comment below.


About Paul Stewart, CCIE 26009 (Security)

Paul is a Network and Security Engineer, Trainer and Blogger who enjoys understanding how things really work. With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Paul has helped many organizations build, maintain and secure their networks and systems.
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