Learning Network VIPs for 2013

On Friday, Cisco officially announced the 2013 Learning Network Designated VIPs. This is a group of individuals who spend a significant amount of their free time helping others as they try to understand the many concepts found in networking. For a third year in a row, I am proud to be included in that group. The 2013 VIPs are as follows:

New for 2013–Congratulations!

  • Alain Cadet
  • DelVonte Deary
  • Erick Borgard
  • Elvin Arias

Returning from 2012

  • Anthony Sequeira
  • Brian Schoonover
  • Jared Hainline
  • Paul Stewart
  • Scott Morris
  • Travis Newshott

I have interacted quite a bit with the others included in this program. All I can say is they are all top-notch individuals, both professionally and personally. Please join me in welcoming the new and returning Learning Network VIPs.


About Paul Stewart, CCIE 26009 (Security)

Paul is a Network and Security Engineer, Trainer and Blogger who enjoys understanding how things really work. With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Paul has helped many organizations build, maintain and secure their networks and systems.
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  1. max says:

    ridiculous that Jeremy Cioara is not on this list, 50% of CCNA guys are certified thanks to him!

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