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I’m going to be the first to admit that I feel like a fresher when it comes to discussions about software defined networking, or SDN. The concepts of programatic networking are quite radical at first glance. Like many others, I have grown accustomed to and comfortable with networks built with autonomous devices. However, I think the challenges will soon be significant enough that many shops will need some level of SDN to meet their networking challenges.

At Cisco Live US 2012 attendees heard about an addition to Cisco’s portfolio called onePK, short for “Open Network Environment Platform Kit”. This addition, while still not fully matured, is Cisco’s attempt at answering some of these challenges. Cisco also has their ONE Controller. While ONE is still an acronym for “Open Network Environment”, the ONE Controller should not be confused with onePK. Unlike the onePK framework, the ONE Controller is a network controller that might utilize the onePK framework. It might also utilize other API’s like REST or protocols such as Openflow.

At the end of the day, onePK is meant to provide the software hooks into the network devices to allow organizations to overcome the unique challenges they face. So what are some of the types of challenges that this industry believes it can solve with SDN based solutions?

Challenges That May Be Solved With SDN

  • Multi tenancy and Network Slicing
  • Virtualization and Portability
  • Traffic Steering for Special Handling
  • Orchestration

At Network Field Day 5, Cisco elaborated on its onePK solution and discussed some of the ways that it may be used in the future. One point of interest is that they plan to include a Puppet Agent as part of their solution. The full video of the onePK discussion can be seen below. Following the video, links to other related content are provided.

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Disclaimer: Cisco is a sponsor for Networking Field Day 5. As a result, their sponsorship covered a portion of the cost of my travel and expenses associated with my attendance to this event. This article itself was written without any restrictions or requirement to do so. My opinions on this product are my own and are accurately reflected.

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