#WhoIS – My Newest Technical Podcast Recommendation

As many PacketU readers know, I spend quite a bit of time commuting. During my commute nothing makes the time pass faster than a good technical podcast. I recently stumbled on a podcast series that is hosted by fellow Networking Field Day delegate Josh O’Brien. This technical podcast, known as #WhoIS, is quite different. What makes this podcast unique is that it is about the people behind technology.

The thing I really like about this podcast is that it gives the opportunity to get to know others you may have been following on other social networks. Josh typically asks questions that get to the heart of what makes the guest ’tick’ and the career path they took. This is a new podcast series, but I certainly recommend tuning your podcatcher into the feed.

First Few Episodes of #WhoIS

Other Podcast Recommendations

Do you have other technical podcasts you enjoy listening too? If so, share them with fellow PacketU readers by adding them as comments below.

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    Thanks for putting these up Paul. Great list!

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