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The Packet University, along with John Harrington from The Network Sherpa, would like to announce a new site. The focus of this new site is all about the challenges of getting and keeping a meaningful work in the field of Technology. After reaching out to the PacketU community less than three weeks ago, I learned that John had many of the same ideas and convictions that I held in regards to bridging the gaps between employees and employers. At that point we began building the site that can be found at the url below.

New Site Addressing Technology Career Challenges

John and I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few weeks generating some initial content, testing site performance and adjusting the theme. I truly hope this becomes a resource that extends both of our communities while providing a unique and valuable information. While this is a new site, we are committed to doing what is necessary to make it a valuableĀ resource for those seeking answers to technology career challenges.

John and I wish to solicit initial and ongoing feedback, comments and ideas. Additionally, we encourage everyone to share this resource with their communities. So check out our set and stay tuned.

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