Ruckus on 802.11ac

Being an attendee at a Networking Field Day event is always a very exciting opportunity. During Networking Field Day 5, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn and discuss products and ideas with vendors and fellow delegates. This particular field day event offered us the opportunity to meet with a wireless only company. This type of session, typically reserved for a Wireless Field Day event, was an overview on wireless concepts, the history of Ruckus, and Ruckus on 802.11ac.

The video below is a portion of the NFD5 session with Ruckus. This particular segment is Sandip Patel’s discussion on the history 802.11ac and how Ruckus is addressing this standard.

Sandip Patel of Ruckus Wireless Places 802.11ac in the History of Wi-Fi from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

The thing I like about Ruckus is that they focus on one thing and they do it well. While their focus is wireless, they are well-known for antenna design. They do wireless well by using this knowledge to leverage challenges into unique advantages. As demonstrated by Sandip Patel, the Ruckus engineering staff possess a wealth of wireless knowledge.

Other Ruckus Videos From Networking Field Day 5

Disclaimer: Ruckus was a sponsor for Networking Field Day 5. As a result, their sponsorship covered a portion of the cost of my travel and expenses associated with my attendance to this event. This article itself was written without any restrictions or requirement to do so. My opinions on this product are my own and are accurately reflected.

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