Cisco Live 2013, A Week In Pictures

I wanted to take a few minutes and share some of the pictures from Cisco Live 2013 in Orlando. Most of these were taken on my smart phone, but a few were shared by others. I hope that seeing Cisco Live from this perspective gives those who have never attended an opportunity to see the magnitude and magnificence of this conference.

The Cisco Live Social Media Hub was sort of home base for a lot of the bloggers and podcasters (click to enlarge).


What brainpower and personality you’ll run into at Cisco Live. For the two geeks in the world that don’t know who this guy on the left is, his name is Scott Morris. He has like 2 or 3 times as many expert level certifications as I have kids. And I have to thank Keith Barker for taking and sharing the photo (most will recognize that name as well).



My Family tagged along this year for the trip. It really like that they were able to see the magnitude of the conference and that I’m not really an anomaly 🙂 I think they also had fun shopping and spending time (and money) at Universal Orlando.



At Cisco Live, there is a lot of hustle and bustle. This is one of many areas of the Orange County Convention Center filled with others just like you and me.





The presentation rooms were large and well done. Many of the rooms were configured to accommodate a few hundred attendees.


It is always amazing to me how anyone can feed roughly 20,000 Guests. It is difficult for me to cook for my family of four. This picture shows the Cisco Live Dining hall from floor level.



Although I don’t think it really does it justice, this view from above gives a little more perspective on the dining hall. Note the top left corner is another smaller wing. Each table probably seats 6-8 attendees.




The World of Solutions is where Cisco’s Strategic partners pitch their ideas. This CDW Bus was all retro looking and customized by West Coast Customs. Pretty Cool


Side View of the CDW Bus.



And yes, there are some things at Cisco Live that no one wants to see.



The back of the Cisco Live shirt providing tentative dates for dates and venues for Cisco Live US. Mark your calendars.



This year, the Cisco Live Customer appreciation event was held at Universal Studios. The entire park was open, lines were short and Journey was the headlining band.


And one really important thing to keep in mind is that Cisco is “The Cloud Standard”. I have the napkin to prove it.


The keynote arena was large but flat. This is an image taken on the final day just before Blair Christie took the stage to chat with Sir Richard Branson. He chatted [er flirted] back. It was quite entertaining.



I would show a picture of me wearing the Cisco Live hat but it looks better on my daughter (and she’s a future geek anyway).





And I simply think this picture says it all. C’ ya’ll next year.


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  1. Aakil says:

    Really awesome photos. I hope I will attend any coming Cisco Live conference in future.

  2. Binary says:

    When I heard about this Cisco conference, I planned everything, I fixed my busy schedules however, things come up unexpectedly. Important things needs to be done asap.. Haizt… better luck next time to me. 🙁 Network support

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