Repairing My Cool Name Plate

Ruckus_13 - 1

When I was in San Jose for Networking Field Day 5, Ruckus gave me and the other delegates the ultimate piece of personalized swag. This was a desk nameplate made from the circuit board of an antenna. Ruckus offered to ship the nameplate so it wouldn’t have to survive air travel back east to Kentucky. Unfortunately when my nameplate arrive, it looked like the picture on the right.

Ruckus_13 - 2

Although convincing my wife that this wasn’t “junk” that should be trashed was a challenge, I managed to hang on to it until I could get it fixed. The task was quite simple; position the two halves at slight angle and re-solder the joints.

After propping the top half up with a utility knife and soldering it back together. Now I have one of the coolest deskname plates I’ve seen in a while.

Ruckus_13 - 3

Disclaimer: Ruckus was a sponsor for Networking Field Day 5. As a result, their sponsorship covered a portion of the cost of my travel and expenses associated with my attendance to this event. They also provided a WiFi eval kit and some nice swag. This article itself was written without any restrictions or requirement to do so. My opinions on this product are my own and are accurately reflected.

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