Don’t Count Cisco Out

Today, VMWare announced NSX as their network virtualization strategy. There’s a lot of discussion around the networking partners that are aligning themselves with this strategy. Cisco seems to notably be the outsider in this arrangement. I want to bring a few things to the attention of the Cisco naysayers.

  • A physical network will always be necessary
  • SDN strategies are far from becoming standardized in their approach
  • Cisco is established in the Enterprise Network
  • Cisco is well established in the server virtualization hardware space
  • They are a large company with lots of resources

These new network vitrualization technologies really excite me and make me want to spend some time in VMWare. However, they probably burned some bridges with the Nicira acquisition. I’m curious where the VCE coalition will land in the future. Could Cisco come up with a hypervisor play or strengthen a relationship with Microsoft? How about a storage play? Neither of these are completely out of the question. While VMWare is the behemoth of the Virtualization industry, nothing is set in stone and nothing is completely out of the question.

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