Mirroring Nexus ACLs In Notepad++

A few months ago I wrote an article that outline a cool use case for Notepad++. The particular scenario outlined the ability to use regular expressions to mirror Cisco ACLs. That article, Using Notepad++ to Mirror Cisco ACLs, is starting point for this article. This article adds the ability to mirror the ACL format found in the Cisco Nexus.

Unlike IOS devices, the Nexus doesn’t use wildcard masks. Instead it uses slash notation. For example.

IOS Format

ip access-list extended inbound
 permit icmp host
 permit udp host host eq www
 permit tcp range www 100 any

Nexus Format

ip access-list inbound
 permit icmp log
 permit udp eq www
 permit tcp range www 100 any

To match this new format, we really only need to need to match for *.*.*.*/x (where * is 0-255 and x is 0-32). To do this in regex is quite simple.


After doing this to the source and destination field, the final string is as follows.


The replace value will remain the same.


I know that is a terse example, but this enables my prior example to work with both IOS and Nexus ACL formats. For more detail how to use this, see Using Notepad++ to Mirror Cisco ACLs.

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