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Using Python with Templates to Build Consistent Device Configs

It has been a long-held and accurate notion that configuration consistency is key to running a secure and reliable network. There are many commercial and complex tools on the market that help achieve this goal. However, it isn’t always necessary … Continue reading

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Blog Spotlight — Cisco Inferno

Cisco Inferno is a blog about all things networking. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t just a Cisco site.  A work or my friend from down under, Anthony Burke, Cisco Inferno covers topics ranging from Juniper certification, software … Continue reading

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Software Piracy Isn’t Always a Choice

Scrolling through Facebook today, I happened upon one of those sponsored links. The advertisement immediately caught my attention for a few reasons. First, I too believe that software developers, like everyone in this industry should be appropriately compensated. Furthermore, customers … Continue reading

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First Look at the CCNP Security Refresh

Today Cisco announced a significant update in the CCNP Security program. As with other program changes, Cisco is allowing candidates time to complete their current studies. However they are aggressively moving everyone toward the new curriculum. Those having already passed … Continue reading

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Using IPvFoo to Determine IPv4 and IPv6 Site Connections

I’ve been running IPv6 off and on for a couple of years on my home network. I’m always curious how the deployment of IPv6 has progressed and have previously monitored my traffic using NetFlow and NFSen. Desiring a more immediate … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Things Better with Technology

I recently went to a local restaurant for dinner with my family. Walking through the door, I’m greeted with nearly a hundred others who are also waiting for a table. Looking at the disconnection between their systems and the customers … Continue reading

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