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I have been a long time reader of articles written by Colin McNamara. Authoring a blog that bears his name, Colin is working to evangelize the thought processes around DevOps into IT organizations. One of his latest articles called the value of the CCIE into question and probably created concern for anyone who felt like this certification was a golden ticket into all things tech.

This website is just an extension of Colin’s presence in social media. He spends a lot of time on twitter and his goals are clear. He wants to help people understand that the world of networking is changing in exciting new ways and that the changes should be embraced.

In a recent conversation on twitter, Colin made the following statement in regards to the work that was being done around SDN, DevOps and OpenStack.

@packetu @SomeClown We are trying to change the world, and address this transition as a community

Then quickly followed up with this comment

@BobL @packetu @SomeClown 1. change thinking 2. apply concepts. 3. grow beard



Disclaimer–I continually get requests for a list of the blogs, podcasts and people I follow to “keep up” in this industry. As a result, I decided to start publishing some of the blogs I regularly read. Links to other content from PacketU or affiliated social channels should not be thought of as a universal endorsement or indication of independence or neutrality for a given external site. Readers should assess ALL applicable content before proceeding with actions that could adversely affect their environment.

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