LinkedIn Automation Fail

LinkedIn AutomationLike most everyone else, I receive a regular influx of email from LinkedIn. Over time, I’ve noticed that these don’t appear to be vetted by a human, any artificial intelligence or even keyword searches. A week or so ago, I received an email that asked me to congratulate someone on their new job. This new job happened to be Unemployed at NA. A few days later, I received the email shown in the image. It asked me to congratulate someone on becoming Disabled at Retired.

Obviously any (well almost any) human would have excluded such a message. Systems of automation need to have mechanisms to deal with the types of things that a human would catch. In LinkedIn’s case, there is probably a need to flag job titles and companies in a way that they are excluded from this congratulatory process.

This type of automation fail isn’t limited to LinkedIn. As network engineers continue to automate more and more, they’ll find similar issues. Some are issues that are so simple that they are second nature to the humans doing the work. However, the absence of similar logic in systems controlling systems will create some growing pains as we move forward with SDN and orchestration methodologies.


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