Asking for Clarity

Confusion ThumbI have a lot of discussions with vendors, peers and other friends in the business. One of the things that I find challenging is the nuances with the language of technology. Our conversations include things like traffic flow, NAT, SDN, Cloud and many of the other industry buzzwords. Our use of terminology often has different meanings to different people (and in different contexts).

While I don’t fully subscribe to the, There is no bad question philosophy, I believe questions should be asked liberally. The only questions I hate to hear are from those trying to prove their [superior] knowledge. Beyond that, individual research can help with the learning process. However, everyone should have the confidence to ask those questions necessary to grasp the conversation at hand. More than likely others will benefit from the clarification as well.

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  1. I can relate to this article very well and couldn’t agree more to it. Often the non-networking guys get confused between originating and return traffic. They usually ask for bi-directional traffic but what they actually wanted was unidirectional.

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