Joining the Cisco Team

HeadShots-10pToday was a bittersweet day for me. It was my final day working with a great group of people at a prominent community bank. I have nothing but good things to say about the people, the organization, and the interesting projects I’ve been involved in. I’ll miss everyone a lot and plan to stay in touch.

Tomorrow I begin a new role as a Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems. I will be working with the SLED (public sector) sales team in Kentucky and West Virginia. In this role I hope to broaden my knowledge of networking components and spend time helping customers better position their technology infrastructures.

What this means for me–

I will be aggressively learning the Cisco Product lines, including areas that I previously had less exposure to. I will take advantage of the resources I have and marry my vision of the changing network industry to the components Cisco positions into higher education environments. My intentions include better understanding the roadmap and technical details as they pertain to the integration path from traditional networking to software defined approaches.

But what about…

As long time PacketU readers know, I have written positive and negative articles about many vendors. All vendors have their strengths and weaknesses. We regularly see them demonstrate both extremes at events like GestaltIT’s Networking Field Day. Given the fact that I am no longer in a neutral position, future articles will be less about vendors and my opinion on their specific implementations.

I do recognize that no vendor is the best at everything. My belief is that the best solutions are based on good technology that is properly implemented and supported. Cisco has a broad range of good technology and it is my job to see that they are properly implemented and integrated into the ecosystems in which they are installed.

What Does This Mean For PacketU–

The original intent with PacketU was to create a place to learn about networking. This was to include protocols, concepts, configurations and processes. I hope to circle back and accelerate those goals. My belief is that my own opportunity to learn will spawn new areas of interest that I will share on this site. I will continue to publish interesting configurations and scenarios as possible. But my goal is to return to a more regular posting schedule and focus more on the modular building blocks that make up what our industry does.


To all of my friends in the industry, all I can say is that you are the best. I’ve met many of you through events like Cisco Live and Networking Field Day. Others have become more than casual acquaintances through social networks like Twitter. I’ll still be around and in touch with everyone. To the PacketU readers, this isn’t goodbye. This is a new chapter in the chaotic [perhaps disorganized] book that my career and PacketU has become.

Disclaimer: This article includes the independent thoughts, opinions, commentary or technical detail of Paul Stewart.  This may or may not reflect the position of past, present or future employers. 

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About Paul Stewart, CCIE 26009 (Security)

Paul is a Network and Security Engineer, Trainer and Blogger who enjoys understanding how things really work. With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Paul has helped many organizations build, maintain and secure their networks and systems.
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3 Responses to Joining the Cisco Team

  1. Daniel S says:

    This is definitively great news! Congratulations Paul. I initially found your blog through your name on CLN, a little over a year now. Since then I’ve become an avid reader, always enjoying the good content and the occasional tip provided 😉

    I’m excited about the new content that will derive from all the new knowledge you will be exposed to, it’ll be most interesting.

    I really like your blogs, always objective and to the point. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect balance to maintain its “flavor” :).

    Again, all the best in this new adventure!

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    Daniel S.

  2. reaper81 says:

    Great addition to the Cisco team! I’m sure you will bring a lot of competence and good ideas to the table. Hope to meet you again in the future even though you can’t be a part of the CLN VIP program in the future.

    Good luck and all the best to you!

  3. Jack says:

    You’re going to be a busy guy but congrats man! Best of luck and hope to continue to see the usual great posts on here.

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