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Classic IOS as a DNS Server

There is an occasional need for a DNS server in the absence of a dedicated host. This may occur in the following situations– Using PAT, Public DNS may return a non-RFC1918 address for internal server Lab/Demo Environment Other Name Resolution challenges in SOHO, … Continue reading

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IP Subnetting Part 5: Subnetting Across the Octet Boundary

Throughout this series, we have examined several fundamental building blocks of subnetting. In IP Subnetting Part 4, we looked at what was required to subnet a Class C network. This article takes the fundamentals one step further and looks at … Continue reading

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Using NVI to Allow Internal Hosts to Connect to Public Addresses of Hosted Servers

IP NAT is a very common configuration. One of the challenges that sometimes surfaces is the need for internal hosts to connect to the public address of a locally hosted server. Anyone who has tried to configure something like the following has … Continue reading

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Getting the Sourcefire Firepower VM working Inline

The Sourcefire NGIPS/NGFW solution is a way to quickly get some interesting information about traffic on a network. One of the things I like about the solution is that actionable information is almost immediately available after deployment. There are five deployment … Continue reading

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IP Subnetting Part 4: Subnetting a Class C Network

At this point in the PacketU subnetting series, we have worked through the following– What is a Subnet? Simple Subnetting Examples Understanding the Binary This article takes the concept of subnetting to the next step. Today we are going to look at … Continue reading

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