Cheap Stuff is not Cheap

I have often fallen for the temptation of buying cheap instead of buying quality. This might be a saw, a drill, a lawnmower or just about anything imaginable. When I look at what professionals use I see them buying well-known and commercial grade products. For example, I wouldn’t expect to see my lawn care team buying a consumer lawnmower at Evil Big Box Store. They actually buy expensive commercial grade zero turn models that are roughly eight to ten times the cost of any mower I would consider.

My lawn care professionals mow lawns to make money, so what gives? Some might assume that these commercial grade products simply allow them to do their jobs faster. In nearly all cases, that is only half of the story. These products last much longer and hold up under the extremes of daily use. Their decks are heavy duty and the blades are less susceptible to being bent. The bottom line that these units mow faster AND they last longer. They spend less time in the shop and do the job they were purchased to do.

I find these quality issues with many consumer grade products. They’re basically cheap and disposable. The end result is that they aren’t that cheap and their breakage tends to happen at the least opportune times. Ultimately, it would be great if our society could figure out how to purchase the quality products and effectively share the costs across many families that would otherwise by the not-so-cheap disposable counterpart.

Disclaimer: This article includes the independent thoughts, opinions, commentary or technical detail of Paul Stewart. This may or may does not reflect the position of past, present or future employers.

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