MPLS and VRFs – Filling the Gaps

A few years ago, I took an SE role covering Higher Education accounts. I quickly realized one of the deficits Cisco has in the CCNA program as it pertains to networks with a certain set of requirements. While the program is jam-packed with great information, there are a few concepts that an administrator may have to deal with that catch them by surprise. Three related topics that aren’t covered in CCNA Routing and Switching are shown below.

This article is meant to serve as a starting point for those who may be very strong with routing and switching but lack the exposure to VRFs, Layer 3 Segmentation, and MPLS. It is a good starting point for new employees that might face this challenge and it will certainly help them gain perspective on these topics.

Introduction to VRFs

Segmenting Layer 3 Networks with VRFs

Introduction to MPLS

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