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Paul is a Network and Security Engineer, Trainer and Blogger who enjoys understanding how things really work. With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Paul has helped many organizations build, maintain and secure their networks and systems.

Redirecting DNS Requests to Umbrella with ASA

As networks begin leveraging intelligent DNS products, there is often a need to do some magic at the Internet edge to redirect to the target provider. Some products actually have this capability embedded. Even though the ASA doesn’t specifically have … Continue reading

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Comments on Vendor Optics – Listen Here

I recently listened to Packet Pushers show 395 recently. It is a great discussion on optical networking. One thing I wanted to make everyone aware of was a series of comments on the varying quality of optics and some justification around … Continue reading

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Redirecting DNS Requests to Umbrella with FTD

A few days ago I shared an article that described redirecting DNS requests with ASA. A good use case for this might be if an organization is using Cisco Umbrella but there is no way to get every host is … Continue reading

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When Firepower Management Center Goes Offline

A typical Firepower deployment consists of a management component and a managed device. The management component is known as Firepower Management Center (FMC). The managed device is the NGIPS or NGFW itself and would be leveraging the Firepower or the … Continue reading

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Where to Use a VRF

Very early in our careers, we learn about physical and logical network segmentation. Generally speaking, that understanding comes in the form represented by the diagrams below. Depending on the work environment of an individual, it may take some time before … Continue reading

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What’s in a Mutable Field? — We Can’t Tell You

In conversations I often hear people using the word “mutable”. Typically it would be something similar to the following. The IP TTL is a mutable field and decreases as it traverses a router. If we look up the word “mutable” … Continue reading

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