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This disclaimer covers the site (a/k/a PacketU) including all content written and/or uploaded by Paul Stewart. Additionally, this disclaimer pertains to any guest blogger or contributor who has not published a separate declaration. This scope extends to subsequent communications through other channels including but not limited to Social Networks, eMail, Skype, etc. The author of all articles and content is clearly identified within the respective article. While Paul Stewart is the primary author, other contributors may publish content as well. This disclaimer specifically excludes content that is identified as the work of any other individual.


This blog is the product of Paul Stewart and is in no way a representation or reflection of the opinions of past, present or potential employers.

Content and Applicability

All content is published with the intent of accuracy. However, mistakes can and will happen. Readers should fully assess the accuracy and applicability of any content to their specific environment prior to implementing changes. PacketU has a primary goal to help others learn technical concepts. PacketU intends to do no harm to readers or the environments they are responsible for. Changes made as a result of reading an article, post or page are not the responsibility of PacketU, Paul Stewart or their affiliates. PacketU shall not be held responsible for damages or losses occurring as result of a technique learned in any PacketU content.

External Content

In some cases, articles will link to external content. PacketU is not responsible for any content that is found on an externally linked site. On occasion, embedded content is used. This includes, but is not be limited to, video sources like YouTube, Vimeo, and UStream.


PacketU is not responsible for any image or file, internal, external, or comment, that may harm or offend an individual or computer.  PacketU makes every attempt to be a site with a focus on technology. Readers have the option to leave the site at any time. Comments may be moderated if they are deemed offensive, appear to be spam or are unduly aggressive toward other commenters. PacketU cannot be held responsible for comments that are or are not moderated. PacketU makes every effort not to offend readers, but cannot be held responsible for content, including comments, that is found to be offensive based on (but not limited to) race, religion, creed, or ethnicity.


As a matter of practice articles are written and published without compensation. On occasion, a vendor or trade group may provide “gifts”. These may include, but are not limited to, t-shirts, caps, electronics, tools, stationary, pens, bags, meals, etc. Additionally vendors may provide, or provide reimbursement for, reasonable travel expenses (including travel, lodging, mileage, and meals).

Affiliation and Advertising

The practice of publishing articles without compensation does not preclude PacketU from the right to make recommendations or advertise, with or without compensation. In such cases, advertisements will appear in the header, footer, left and/or right columns, or at the end of an article.  Advertisements and/or compensated recommendations otherwise inserted into an article body will be clearly marked as “Advertisement”.

Privacy Policy

The PacketU privacy policy can be found at the following location.


Any article or content that deviates from the principles outline in this Disclaimer will clearly have those deviations stated at the end of the article, or the applicable effected content area.

This document was last updated on September 16, 2012