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VRF Series Article 2 – Extending L3 Segmentation with VRF-lite

In the last article, we took an initial look at L3 segmentation with VRFs. In that case, we created a basic first hop configuration that had isolated pci and data segments. In reality, most networks are far larger and more … Continue reading

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VRF Series Article 1 – Basic L3 Segmentation with VRFs

Network engineers are well aware of the Layer 2 isolation properties of VLANs. Their use is so pervasive that they are second nature to most. This article is the first in a series that outlines specifically how VRFs can be … Continue reading

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Segmenting Layer 3 Networks with VRFs

I am creating a multi-part series that focuses on Layer 3 network segmentation. This post serves as a landing point and aggregation place for these topics. As the series is built out, the individual links will be available below. Articles … Continue reading

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Voice Gateway and Voice VRF – Caveats

Many networks leverage what is known as a VRF. These are used for traffic isolation and create separate routing instances within a router. It is important that vrf awareness is confirmed for any service (DHCP, Voice GW, etc) being locally … Continue reading

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Combining GRE and IPSec with a Front Side VRF

The article last week focused on the process of taking a typical GRE configuration and reconfiguring it so the transport network was in a separate VRF. This type of VRF is called a FVRF or front-end vrf. While this provides … Continue reading

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Using a GRE Tunnel VRF to Separate the Physical Interface

Whether we like it our not, production networks often have particular use cases that require the implementation of tunnels. This may be an effort to extend a dynamic routing protocol across a service provider segment or an effort to overcome … Continue reading

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